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Trees in the Park
Trees in the Park

This is a colored pencil work that I drew while visiting one of the local Roanoke City parks on my lunch break. Continue reading “Trees in the Park”

The Pumpkin Wagon
The Pumpkin Wagon

There is a pretty little hobby farm near our home.  The old farmhouse has been restored, and surrounding it is a menagerie of goats, donkeys, miniature horses, and other critters. Continue reading “The Pumpkin Wagon”

My Portable Drawing Kit

Colored Pencil Points

Trying to fit a little art time into life can be challenging.  For example, I work a full-time job, help my wife with her work, and try to take care of myself and our household.  Then there are responsibilities for the community and family, and other interests to pursue.  I’m sure everyone has similar challenges, so making time and space for art requires some ingenuity and discipline. Continue reading “My Portable Drawing Kit”

What could possibly be more fun than Watching Paint Dry?

In Search of Ancient Animations

A Soap Film

These are videos of the patterns of color and light that form on the surface of a soap film.  I recorded and edited the video this morning.  The music, Coqui Spirits, is also on the music page of this blog.

Coqui Spirits

Coqui Spirits is an ambient soundscape meant to evoke the little tree frogs that live in Puerto Rico.  They are called coqui, and their song sounds a lot like their name. Continue reading “Coqui Spirits”

Enlarging and Transferring an Image for a Painting

Terry Hall Arts - Japanese Landscape
My interpretation of Hokusai’s “A View of Aoigaoka Waterfall in Edo”

I just finished painting this interpretation of Hokusai’s “A View of Aoigaoka Waterfall in Edo” using ink and acrylic wash on canvas.  The dimensions are 36″ by 24″.  There were a lot of steps involved in getting from a print in an art book to the final result, and I thought it would be fun to document some of the process.

Continue reading “Enlarging and Transferring an Image for a Painting”

Stupid Crustaceans

This little tune was recorded in my living room sometime in the 90’s. Continue reading “Stupid Crustaceans”

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