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Stupid Crustaceans

This little tune was recorded in my living room sometime in the 90’s.

Tom Baldwin is playing the “chime guitar,” John Clapsaddle is playing lead guitar, and I am playing synths and percussion.  The title is in homage to Brian Eno’s Somber Reptiles.  An adjective and a noun describe a creature, with (in our case) a good measure of silliness thrown in. The title and the sound both remind me of crab traps, how the crabs go in after the bait and never get out.  Humans do that sometimes, too.

Sunflower Fields and Villa

Sunflower Field and Villa
Terry Hall Arts – Sunflower Field and Villa

A while back I went on a tour of Europe with family.  I took lots of photos.  Somewhere between northwest Italy and southern France we saw this field of sunflowers with the building, Italian pines, and Italian cypress in the background. Continue reading “Sunflower Fields and Villa”

New Watercolors

Garden Girl on a Misty Morning Walk

Garden Girl on a Misty Morning Walk
Garden Girl on a Misty Morning Walk

The setting for this painting is the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, Virginia.  This was in early May, and the crepe myrtles were just starting to leaf out.  It rained and misted all day, but we still enjoyed the gardens.

Continue reading “Garden Girl on a Misty Morning Walk”

A Fragrant Offering (Hearts on Fire Series)

A Fragrant Offering
A Fragrant Offering

This is the newest piece in my “Hearts on Fire” series.  This drawing depicts our prayers rising to God as a pleasing fragrance to Him.

Continue reading “A Fragrant Offering (Hearts on Fire Series)”

For the great doesn’t happen through impulse alone, and is a succession of little things that are brought together.

-Vincent van Gogh

Sketches Feb 2 2014

Mad White Sun

This piece was composed and recorded in one session, sort of on the fly.  The time was the early 90’s, so the synths and software are vintage – an Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler sequenced with Bars and Pipes Pro on an Amiga computer.  The “drum solo” was a Yamaha FB-01, an early FM synth.  The piece was titled after the recording; the tune reminded me of the sun beating down on a hot, dry day.

Praise (Hearts on Fire series)


This is a new painting in the “Hearts on Fire” series.  The series depicts the passion in the hearts of God’s people, which is the love of Jesus Christ.  The flames over the  worshiper’s heads represent this passion pouring out and are also a reference to the arrival of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Continue reading “Praise (Hearts on Fire series)”

Where is Freedom?


As often happens, the painting “Captive” started out as something else in my mind and became what it is on its own.  Over the years, I have enjoyed making loose, gestural line drawings.  Fancy doodles, basically.  I’ve decided that a few of these might be worthy of development into paintings, and so I am attempting to do just that. Continue reading “Where is Freedom?”

Lift Your Hearts

Lift Your Hearts
Lift Your Hearts

This is the first completed work in the “Hearts on Fire” series. God enjoys the praise and worship of those who love him. Continue reading “Lift Your Hearts”

The Vinedresser’s Table

The Vinedresser's Table
The Vinedresser’s Table

The story behind this colored pencil drawing is noteworthy, as it demonstrates the power of the Holy Spirit working in a small way within an individual on a personal level.  I am compelled to share it, as it may be encouraging to others. Continue reading “The Vinedresser’s Table”

Mawmaw’s Family

Terry Hall Arts - Mawmaw's FamilyThis painting was a Christmas gift to my grandmother.  Mawmaw was very proud of her family and poured a lot of love into each of us.  In her later years she took up painting, mostly acrylic landscapes, and she loved folk art.  I thought she would enjoy a picture like this, and she did. Continue reading “Mawmaw’s Family”

Caribbean Sunset

This was a collaboration with Tom Baldwin.  Tom wrote the tune and performed the guitar tracks.  I performed and/or sequenced the synthesizer tracks, using an Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler with Bars and Pipes Pro on an Amiga computer.  There are some lyrics for this, but since neither of us can sing, it remains an instrumental.  Caribbean Sunset was included on a compilation CD from various artists called The Mix.

Watercolor Portrait

Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison

I took a watercolor portrait class this spring though Roanoke County Parks and Recreation.  The class was taught by Suzanne Ross, a very encouraging, enthusiastic, and talented watercolor artist. Continue reading “Watercolor Portrait”

He Restores

Terry Hall Arts - Still Waters

Earlier this week I was feeling a little down and overwhelmed.  Too many things on the to-do list, not enough time or money, that sort of thing.  I usually go the gym during my lunch break and get in a short workout.  My shoulders and arms were telling me that they didn’t want to swim or lift heavy things that day, so I decided to go to the greenway for a little stroll.  Some fresh air and time with the trees seemed like a good idea. Continue reading “He Restores”

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