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This is a color drawing of some prairie coneflowers (Echinacea sp.) that were blooming in our garden last summer.  Colored pencil, 16″ x 12.”

Terry Hall Arts - Swamp at Chippokes
Swamp at Chippokes

Virginia has a wonderful state park system.  Along the James River in Surrey County is Chippokes Plantation State Park, a plantation site from the olden days of yore.  A fun thing to do here is to take the ferry across the river to colonial Jamestown and Williamsburg. Continue reading “Swamp at Chippokes”

The Pencil’s Progress – Chippokes Swamp

Irises - A German in Siberia
Irises – A German in Siberia

This colored pencil painting was inspired by the irises in our front yard.  Our Siberian iris have been multiplying like crazy, so we moved some from the back garden to the front.  Along with them, we planted a German (bearded) iris of unknown color (it was a freebie).  When bloom time came in May, the German was yellow, which is a nice complement to the bluish purple Siberians. Continue reading “A German in Siberia”

Trees in the Park
Trees in the Park

This is a colored pencil work that I drew while visiting one of the local Roanoke City parks on my lunch break. Continue reading “Trees in the Park”

Sunflower Fields and Villa

Sunflower Field and Villa
Terry Hall Arts – Sunflower Field and Villa

A while back I went on a tour of Europe with family.  I took lots of photos.  Somewhere between northwest Italy and southern France we saw this field of sunflowers with the building, Italian pines, and Italian cypress in the background. Continue reading “Sunflower Fields and Villa”

New Watercolors

Garden Girl on a Misty Morning Walk

Garden Girl on a Misty Morning Walk
Garden Girl on a Misty Morning Walk

The setting for this painting is the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, Virginia.  This was in early May, and the crepe myrtles were just starting to leaf out.  It rained and misted all day, but we still enjoyed the gardens.

Continue reading “Garden Girl on a Misty Morning Walk”

He Restores

Terry Hall Arts - Still Waters

Earlier this week I was feeling a little down and overwhelmed.  Too many things on the to-do list, not enough time or money, that sort of thing.  I usually go the gym during my lunch break and get in a short workout.  My shoulders and arms were telling me that they didn’t want to swim or lift heavy things that day, so I decided to go to the greenway for a little stroll.  Some fresh air and time with the trees seemed like a good idea. Continue reading “He Restores”

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