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Lift Up Your Hearts
Lift Up Your Hearts

One of the first paintings I did when I got back into doing art was on this subject.  Since I think (I hope) that I have a little bit better command of my technique and materials now, I am re-visiting the subject. Continue reading


This is a color drawing of some prairie coneflowers (Echinacea sp.) that were blooming in our garden last summer.  Colored pencil, 16″ x 12.”

Terry Hall Arts - Swamp at Chippokes
Swamp at Chippokes

Virginia has a wonderful state park system.  Along the James River in Surrey County is Chippokes Plantation State Park, a plantation site from the olden days of yore.  A fun thing to do here is to take the ferry across the river to colonial Jamestown and Williamsburg. Continue reading “Swamp at Chippokes”

Thunbergia at the Door
Thunbergia at the Door

I came across this beautiful vine growing beside the doorway of a shop in Chapala, Mexico about ten years ago.  Photos were taken with the idea that I might like to paint the scene someday.  Well, someday has come, so here it is in glowing pixels on your computer screen or mobile device. Continue reading “Thunbergia at the Door”

Fruit of the Spirit
Fruit of the Spirit

By the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s people will bear good fruit.  Colored pencil on cold-press watercolor paper, 12″ x 16″. Continue reading “Fruit of the Spirit”

The Pumpkin Wagon
The Pumpkin Wagon

There is a pretty little hobby farm near our home.  The old farmhouse has been restored, and surrounding it is a menagerie of goats, donkeys, miniature horses, and other critters. Continue reading “The Pumpkin Wagon”

What could possibly be more fun than Watching Paint Dry?

Enlarging and Transferring an Image for a Painting

Terry Hall Arts - Japanese Landscape
My interpretation of Hokusai’s “A View of Aoigaoka Waterfall in Edo”

I just finished painting this interpretation of Hokusai’s “A View of Aoigaoka Waterfall in Edo” using ink and acrylic wash on canvas.  The dimensions are 36″ by 24″.  There were a lot of steps involved in getting from a print in an art book to the final result, and I thought it would be fun to document some of the process.

Continue reading “Enlarging and Transferring an Image for a Painting”

Sunflower Fields and Villa

Sunflower Field and Villa
Terry Hall Arts – Sunflower Field and Villa

A while back I went on a tour of Europe with family.  I took lots of photos.  Somewhere between northwest Italy and southern France we saw this field of sunflowers with the building, Italian pines, and Italian cypress in the background. Continue reading “Sunflower Fields and Villa”

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