Terry Hall Arts - Mawmaw's FamilyThis painting was a Christmas gift to my grandmother.  Mawmaw was very proud of her family and poured a lot of love into each of us.  In her later years she took up painting, mostly acrylic landscapes, and she loved folk art.  I thought she would enjoy a picture like this, and she did.

The building is an imaginary generic farmhouse, with Mawmaw standing in the center of the porch.  On either side are her daughters and their husbands.  Flanking them and on the lawn are all of the grandchildren, their spouses, and the great-grandchildren.  I am on the porch to the right, in the red shirt.

The original painting is acrylic on a canvas panel, 16″x20″, and hangs in our kitchen.  I’ve made a few prints as gifts for family members.