The Vinedresser's Table
The Vinedresser’s Table

The story behind this colored pencil drawing is noteworthy, as it demonstrates the power of the Holy Spirit working in a small way within an individual on a personal level.  I am compelled to share it, as it may be encouraging to others.

I began this drawing to depict a scene within a little wine shop I visited in Beaune, France. The original scene had wine glasses and bottles on top of the cask and a map of Burgundy on the wall.  It was my first attempt at a detailed colored pencil drawing.

In the midst of starting this drawing, my wife came in and asked me to pray with her for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit.  I stopped what I was doing, and we prayed together.  When I returned to my work after prayer, the purpose of the drawing had changed.

The subject had changed to Holy Communion and the Cross, in a simple rustic setting. The title, “The Vinedresser’s Table,” refers to John 15:1-8, where Jesus is the True Vine and the Father is the Vinedresser.

I am certain that the new purpose for the drawing was given by the Holy Spirit.  I have not yet done it justice, and intend to render this as a wet media painting in the future.

Here is the original photo that was used as a reference for the drawing.

Beaune Wine Shop
Beaune Wine Shop

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