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Coqui Spirits

Coqui Spirits is an ambient soundscape meant to evoke the little tree frogs that live in Puerto Rico.  They are called coqui, and their song sounds a lot like their name. Continue reading “Coqui Spirits”

Stupid Crustaceans

This little tune was recorded in my living room sometime in the 90’s. Continue reading “Stupid Crustaceans”

Mad White Sun

This piece was composed and recorded in one session, sort of on the fly.  The time was the early 90’s, so the synths and software are vintage – an Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler sequenced with Bars and Pipes Pro on an Amiga computer.  The “drum solo” was a Yamaha FB-01, an early FM synth.  The piece was titled after the recording; the tune reminded me of the sun beating down on a hot, dry day.

Caribbean Sunset

This was a collaboration with Tom Baldwin.  Tom wrote the tune and performed the guitar tracks.  I performed and/or sequenced the synthesizer tracks, using an Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler with Bars and Pipes Pro on an Amiga computer.  There are some lyrics for this, but since neither of us can sing, it remains an instrumental.  Caribbean Sunset was included on a compilation CD from various artists called The Mix.

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